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If there’s one word for college dorm rooms, it’s “small!” Some of them are so small that you can’t properly store all your belongings. When trying to decorate a small bedroom space, you might face a couple of challenges. Add a roommate and it gets just worse.

Just a couple of years back, dorm room ideas were limited to boy band posters, incandescent Christmas lights, and a book shelf. But today, you can brighten your room with some amazingly charming designs.

Here are some ideas that would make your dorm room the most beautiful in the block:

  • Bed Lofting: Most dorm rooms can accommodate loft beds. This creates more space for you. The possibilities of the new space are endless! You can add a desk, or storage. If you can also get your roommate to do the same, that’s twice as much space.
  • Personalize your space: Try adding some taste to your space. Consider using removable wallpaper for your walls, or cover one side of the wall with frame mirror. You can opt for the peel-and-stick mirrors if you can’t drive a nail through the wall.
  • Get multi-purpose furniture: Small rooms pose a lot of challenges. First off, how can you find a place for everything? One way you can get more for less is to get multi-purpose furniture. While a small reading table is fine, a pouf that you can also use as a seat, a table and an ottoman is three times the fun.
  • Master the art of conversion: If you can’t get new furniture, try to convert what you have to what you need. For instance, you can turn the top of your dresser into a vanity. This would save more space and give your dorm room a friendlier interior.

Have any more bright ideas? Share with us in the comment session!

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