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There are thousands of amazing wallpaper patterns and designs up for grabs. Selecting the right pattern can be overwhelming. To top it off, you’re faced with the burden of decision making. Where do you wallpaper? Do you select one side or paper the whole place? Choosing complementary furniture and accessories is another ball game entirely. Here are 5 wallpapering tips to help you create an eye-pleasing indoor effect:

1. Wallpaper the four walls

If you are up for a more consistent style of design, then you should consider wallpapering the four walls. You can select complementary colors and wallpaper them inversely. Additionally, wallpapering all four walls with vinyl wallpaper is an effective and sustainable alternative to painting. Vinyl wallpapers can protect your walls, keeping them scratch free.

2. Wallpaper a wall

Create a subtle ambiance in your interior by wallpapering an accent wall. This makes a bolder statement and stands out in the room. You can make use of a striking motif or patterned wallpaper.  A wall mural will be an excellent choice!

3. Wallpaper a small part of your house

You can create a striking effect by choosing to wallpaper the back of your shelves, furniture, or small nooks. These small designs can create a big effect on the ambiance of your interior. You can transform the abandoned corners of your room to an absolute eye-catcher with the right motif wallpaper or vintage pattern.

4. Wall Mural

A wall mural creates a sense of personality. It is more definitive and adds a trendy look to your room. Wallpaper a mural beside your favorite spot, your armchair, or just above your fireplace.

5. Wallpaper your ceiling

Yeah, you heard right!

It might be the last option you were considering, but a dashing color or remarkable design can add a dramatic flare to your indoor. Think of your ceiling as a fifth wall and get people starring up from time to time.

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