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There are a whole lot of myths surrounding leather sofas and their use these days. While some believe you can only choose black and brown as colors, some think leather cleaning is one of the most difficult things to do. Well, these are simply not true.

First, there’s an array of sofa colors on the market, from turquoise to blue to yellow to green to purple. Then, leather couches are the easiest to clean. They let go of stains and messes in just minutes.

Another common myth amongst homeowners is that leather is too slippery – perhaps because it shines a lot– or the temperature is sticky. That’s not true either.

A High quality leather sofa is made with aniline dye and they are made to breathe. So, when you sink in them, they take on your temperature.

The third misconception about leathers is they’re too stuffy and their styles are pretty limited–you have just a few options.

Fact is, that’s not true too. There are a zillion available options you can pick from. People literally get stuck when it comes to making a decision of what style to select for their home.

One important question you should ask as a customer is: is this leather sofa made of bonded or real leather?  Bonded leathers are artificial products made from vinyl and polyurethane, mixed with real leather. But here’s a caution: they are not real leathers.

100% leather stuff is pure animal hide tanned and dyed to meet your needs.

To wrap it all up, there are beliefs out there that leather sofas are not comfortable and that they don’t age well. Some even affirm that they are one of the costliest, if not the most expensive, to get. But these are still all myths. The opposites are true.

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