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browm leather sofa

There are only a few things more annoying than having a sticky leather sofa in your living room.

Imagine this: Your favorite player just kicked the ball into the opponent’s net, and heyyyy, everyone is jubilating. You throw your hands up in the air, ready to rise and dance around the room, but oops! You can’t get off your couch. That’s some not-too-good experience, you know. But trust me, it is much better than having to separate an important guest from your sticky leather sofa.

Leather sofas get sticky when they are exposed to excessive spills. If you leave spills on your couch for too long without cleaning it off properly, you are likely to face the sticky-sofa challenge. Apart from spills, using a lot more leather conditioner than necessary on your furniture can cause it to get sticky over time. Direct sunlight is another common cause—leather sofas don’t do well with too much heat; exposing them to too much of sunlight or any other direct light source is not a good option at all.

Fortunately for you, there’s a good news; and here is it: sticky leather sofas can be fixed. Yes, you read that correctly. Check out some simple ways to do so below:

Simple clean

You can dry up fresh spots of sticky liquids on your leather sofa by simply cleaning with a cloth. Now, this is where a lot of people make mistakes: don’t just wipe down your couch, dab gently till the spill is completely gone. After the cloth has fully absorbed all of the liquid, you can then clean the sofa again with a damp fabric.

Professional clean

Not every leather sofa ailment can be treated simply. You may need to invite a professional leather sofa cleaner if the cloth and water remedy doesn’t seem to do any good.

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