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Having a small living room isn’t a crime. And of course, it isn’t a reason not to make your space look cozy and eye-catching. Whether you are living in an apartment with not so large a parlor or you’re just one of those who aren’t sure of how to go about setting up their living room, this is for you.

With a sectional sofa, you can give up worrying about space, size, or whatnot, and focus on making your room classy. Follow the tips below and you’ll discover styling a sectional sofa in small spaces is just as easy as pie:

Corner Placement

Sectional sofas come in different types, and so their arrangement may vary from place to place, according to type. Regardless, if you’re dealing with a small living room, it is always best you get an L-shaped sectional—they are usually very easy and simple to arrange (in a small room).

To style the piece, push it right up an extreme corner of the room and allow it face your TV or shelf area. This way, you can have enough room for sitting and still create space for movement.

Divide the room

Another way you can style your sectional sofa is to divide the room—not literally though. Flip the furniture in the opposite direction so the L-shape can sit backing up to the room next to it.

This may not have so much of an open feel, but it works. If you’re living in a studio apartment or an extremely open-concept space, then you may want to try it out.

Break up the sofa

What happens when your room is so small and the furniture doesn’t seem to be fitting against the walls? Uhnn… You break it up.

Split the sofa into pieces, if possible, and place them in opposite directions to allow free movement.

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