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Sitting in front of the desk all day long can cause a sense of deprivation for those who love the outdoors. Adding a plant to your office workspace might be the missing link in your connection to nature.

Office plants can increase the level of air humidity, take out toxins from the air, and add a touch of organic style to your workspace. Plants can transform your ‘boring’ workspace into a more engaging and tranquil atmosphere. But if you’re not really green-thumbed, your plants could pass away more quickly than you think.

Take out the gloomy plant cemetery on your desk and check out our list of mood-boosting plants that are impossible to kill.

  • Devil’s Ivy (Epipremnumaureum): Devil’s Ivy is an evergreen vine with heart-shaped leaves. It comes in visually appealing colors, from light green to dark green. It adapts well to office conditions, fluctuating light presence and can serve as an amazing addition to your desk.
  • Aglaonema: You could just call it “Aglos”. This is a Chinese evergreen plant that develops so many leaves with sleek silver or red traces. The plant is popular, especially with the Chinese. To them, it symbolizes long and healthy life.
  • Ficus Benjamina: Also known as the Weeping Fig, this plant is perfect as a lone décor or when used in a mix. Cold drafts from windows or doors might be dangerous for the longevity of the plants. Ensure that the plants are placed where drafts would not be an issue.
  • Philodendron: This South American indoor plant is a man-made hybrid, with big lush leaves. Its leaves are deep-green, giving a natural accent to wherever they are placed. The leaves have a glossy coating that would give your office a lush, tropical feel.
  • Bromeliads: Although they might require initial care, once they bloom, they require little maintenance. It has striking leave colors and blooms quite beautifully.

If you think real plants are a stress, try opting for artificial plants.

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